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Sports are a great cure for the blues, but if you are looking for even better solution to get rid of bad mood, create your own sports blog in blue! Sportblog is the tool you need to “shoot the target” or “score a goal” said on sports slang… With other words, if you want a great sports blog, use the blue theme of WordPress Sportblog and enjoy your hobby even more. Why is it a wonderful foundation for your site? First, it is simple and pleasant for the eye. The true is that the successful sports blogs are neat and stylish, without overwhelming tools and additions, because the world of sports is interesting enough to grab the attention.

The two columns layout, enhanced by beautiful shades of blue as backgrounds and convenient custom menus are all you need to have a fabulous blog. Second, it is a modern theme that has the ability to adapt to different screen resolutions, sizes and gadgets thanks to the responsive design. Third, it is user friendly and easily reachable on the social networks. Sharing and interacting is a great part of the sports world, so the social share bar is an inseparable part from the great blog you will have. The theme is appropriate for including different content, from texts to videos. The sections with archives, categories and recent posts make browsing through the site a real delight. If you want to highlight the best images and titles, put them on the slideshow and capture visitors’ attention the moment they look at your site.

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