Benefits of the Free Blogging Platforms

Benefits of the Free Blogging Platforms

One of the best things about blogging is that there are many online blogging platforms, which offer you to start your own blog without spending a single penny. Such blogging platforms are,,, and to name a few. They allow even the beginners with no tech knowledge to create a free blog and start their experience in the blogging world.

Free Blogging Platforms Benefits

The free blogging platforms provide all the features a beginner blogger needs:

Free themes

You can choose from dozens of free blog themes in all kinds of colors – white, black, brown, green, etc. You just have to choose your favorite color and click the “Select theme” button.

Free widgets and gadgets

The free blogging platforms allow you to extend the functionality and the look of your blog a bit with the help of widgets and gadgets, like social sharing buttons, galleries, gravatars, custom texts, etc. Well, widget and gadget practically means the same. These are just different words used by the different blogging platforms.

User-friendly text editor

All blogging platforms provide easy to use text editor that will make your writing quite easy. It is like you are using Microsoft Word or any other text program available on your computer. You can use even your iPhone to create and post blogs too and YES your visitors can read your blog on their mobile phones.

Social sharing functionality

Most of these free blogging platforms allow their users to immediately share their new blog posts with their followers on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites, which allows them to attract many readers and to maintain good traffic.

Chronological post order

Your free blog can be used as an online journal, diary or as a weblog that arranges your posts chronologically starting from the most recent posts. They might be even used as updates for your friends and family members who live far away from you. You might share all your experiences with them through blogging.

Free Blog Purposes

Today, blogging is used as a way to express feelings and share thoughts and opinions. There are too many choices available for people who would like to help others with their experience or professional advices without having to make an investment. In addition, blogs are an ideal place where you can get a feedback or response and a starting point for discussions with participants with related interests from all over the world. Blogs connect people and drive conversations and even live discussions.

A free blog may be created for various purposes:

  • as a hobby
  • to post updates for your life and experiences
  • to share your interests with others
  • to provide help
  • to attract public awareness to a certain problem, etc.
  • to search for employment

The free blogging platforms are great for beginner bloggers but are quite inappropriate for experienced bloggers. The bigger your blogger gets the more features it needs and most bloggers quickly move their blogs from a free blogging platform to a self-hosted solution where there are no or much bigger restrictions in regards of space, traffic, ability to customize layouts and functionality.

Are you ready to create a blog with a free blogging platform. Check out our tutorials below:

Do you want to go with a self-hosted blog? Click below for more information

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