How to install WordPress manually

How to install WordPress manually

Blogging becomes more and more popular method to attract traffic and improve the position of the website in search engine ranking. Blogs allow you to connect a community and easily add a fresh content. Since WordPress is very convenient and free software to create or integrate a blog in your website, many people ask how to install WordPress on their sites? The following article will give you an answer to this important question.

WordPress installation process

Most web hosting providers offer auto-intaller which will auto instal WordPress for you in less than a minute – Softaculous, Fantastico, Simple Scripts, etc.

To create blogs, we are partnering with who use Softaculous auto-installer.

In this article, we will provide detailed instructions for manual WordPress installation through FTP. Do not worry! It is quite easy and each step is well explained below. We will use FileZilla as this is the most popular FTP client available for Windows and Mac OS.

  • Download the lastest version of WordPress.

WordPress constantly updates to offer its users the best functionality, great architecture and top-notch security. It is recommended to work with the latest version of the software to make sure your blog is working flawlessly. You can download the latest version of WordPress from here.

download wordpress

  • Select WordPress installation directory

This is an important part of the installation because this part will define how your blog will appear. If you want to access it by then you need to install it into the root directory. If you want to access it by or you need to create a folder called “blog”.

choose your name

  • Unzip and upload WordPress

Unzip the file you downloaded and upload it to the WordPress directory you just created. You can do this by selecting all the files and simply dropping them to the desired location.

  • Create MySQL database and assign a user to it

WordPress uses a database to store the website information. To create a database to use for this WordPress installation, you need to login to your cotrol panel and search for a database management tool. If you are using cPanel, look for MySQL Databases.


–       You will see an empty field in the “Create New DataBase” section of the page. Choose name and click the button.

–       Continue to the MySQL Users section and create a user.

–       Assign the newly created user to the database and you are DONE with the hard job.

  • Open your new site or blog

When you type in your domain name in a browser you will actually step into the WordPress installation process. Do not worry, you only have to fill in the requested information and click the “Next” button. WordPress will do the rest for you!

Once the installation is completed, you will see your new site!

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