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Politica is a WordPress theme that could be used for a successful political blog. Create an informative, topical and interesting blog site with an appearance that looks serious, but not boring, that stands out with a stylish and memorable look. The simple layout of this theme and its fully black background keep the focus of the readers on the content of each blog post. The combination of colors used for the menu and the fonts in the blog posts guarantee the pleasant visual experience of the visitors. Even more, they can browse through your site and read long posts without feeling a discomfort in the eyes, which is of significant importance for the political sites.
This WordPress theme combines all the needed features that will make a blog site remarkable. You can reach your audience through any of the popular social medias and get feedback from your readers. The site is easy to navigate with the sections for Categories and Recent posts and has a search box for fast browsing through the information. One of the most significant features of Politica is its responsive design which automatically adjusts your website to practically all screen sizes and provides the optimal appearance on different tablets, iPods, laptops etc. used today.

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