Ready to create a blog?

Ready to create a blog?

Starting a blog can be a tricky initiative for some people who do it for the very first time. There are some basic steps that should be followed to complete the process successfully. If you are among people who ask themselves how to create a blog, this article is going to provide you with the answer of this question. Just follow the simple steps below to facilitate the process and start a great and successful blog right now.

Create a blog: Step 1 – Choose a topic

The first think you should consider before starting a blog is its topic. You need to have the main idea in your mind, in order to know where to direct your efforts. Choose a topic you are interested in and enjoy. The readers usually feel the passion of the writer and that really makes great impression on them.


There are three basic niches, which are quite popular among the Internet users and are widely chosen for blogging: health, entertainment and fashion. If you are experienced and passionate in any of them, you can share your knowledge and you can expect good web traffic. Of course, you can choose any other topic of your interest. The  more niche your blog is the more readers it will get.

Create a blog: Step 2 – Choose your blog name

Most blogs are written by one man that is why they are usually named by their authors or some kind of abbreviation of the name and the blog topic. The name of your blog is like your brand name:

  • short and easy, so that the readers can remember it without difficulty.
  • unique and catchy to make it memorable.
  • reveal the topic of your blog, so that the readers can get an idea of what they can expect when opening your blog.

Create a blog: Step 3 – Register your blog name and get a hosting account

You need a web hosting account to create your blog. There are many web hosting companies out there. You just have to pick one.

We recommend as they provide awesome blog features, tutorials and many other free blog resources.


The web hosting account usually goes with a FREE domain name registration, which costs about $10 – $15 per year. The name of your blog is the domain name you register with your web hosting account.

The web hosting account setup starts with the domain name registration. You can register .com, .net, .us, .org, etc. When you find that your blog name is available for registration, continue with the web hosting account setup.

The price of the web hosting account varies according to the registration period. The longer period you choose the lower the price gets.

These three steps will make the process of blog creation quite easier, so you will become a proud owner of your own blog. Once you have completed the three steps above, please contact us and we will do the rest for you.


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