Tough choice – free or self-hosted blog?

Tough choice – free or self-hosted blog?

For some people creating a new blog may be a daunting task, especially if they are beginners in blogging. However, it is not that hard to build a blog today. It actually takes no longer than an hour to join the widespread “blogosphere”. The difficult thing here is what blog to create – free one hosted with one of the biggest free blogging platforms or a self-hosted blog.

Yes, there is a difference and it’s not all about the money. To be able to define the difference you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What you will use your blog for – you want to make money or just for fun?
  • Do you mind to have some ads on your blog, not chosen by you?
  • What kind of design would you like to use – predefined or customized one?
  • Do you want your blog to have its own name or you can go with a free name?

If you want a blog with a free name, predefined design, displaying some ads that you will use just for fun then you can try some of the most popular online blogging platforms such as,, or All you have to do is sign up for an account, choose a free blog name, select a predefined deign and create your first blog post. Here, you can learn how to create a free blog on

You have two options if you want to have a blog with:

  • Your own name
  • Customized design
  • No ads
  • Enough space for images and other kinds of media files

The first option is to get a paid blogging account on the popular online blogging platforms. The price starts from $99 per year. Some free blogging platforms does not provide upgrade options.

The second option is to proceed with WordPress and a self-hosted blog for which you will need a web hosting account. The advantages of having a web hosting account are endless – you can build as many blogs and sites as you want, you can create unlimited number of email accounts, store media files like images, videos, you can have an awesome customized theme and many more. The price for a web hosting account usually starts from about $3 USD per month.

We have been working with many web hosting companies so far and according to our experience, provides the best blog hosting services. Also, they offer amazingly fast and user-friendly support. Click here to learn more about their services.

Are you ready to start your blog? Have you decided what blog you will create? Contact us if you need any help with your blog setup.


Who knows, you might become one of the most successful bloggers the world has ever seen!

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