What is blog and how to start your own blog

What is blog and how to start your own blog

Being an integral part of the online world, blogs are almost as popular as websites and they can be used for various purposes. For people who are new to the Internet, the word “blog” may still sound strange and unfamiliar, so let us examine what is a blog and what kind of advantages it offers.

Do you love journals? Well, blogs are a sort of a diary or a journal published online. People combine various practical and useful posts in a small website called a blog. Apart from personal diary pages, a blog can contain news, videos, articles, as well as products that are to be sold. Actually, blogs can contain whatever you wish to present to your readers, just like the websites.

What is blog (related terms)

Here is what blog and other related terms mean:

  • A noun blog means an online diary
  • A verb blog means to write and post in a blog
  • Blogger is a person who maintains a blog and regularly updates it, adding a new content.
  • Blogging, as a verb means the process of blog writing

If you would like to start your own blog you should know what these terms mean.

How to start your own blog

To build a blog, you need a blogging service. Three are the most popular blogging services – Blogger.com, Thumblr.com, WordPress.com and WordPress. The first three are free, giving your blog an address like yourblog.blogger.com or yourblog.thumblr.com or yourblog.wordpress.com. WordPress is a free blog application that requires a web hosting account. With WordPress, you can have your own blog name like yourblog.com rather than a name associated with other websites.

Regardless of the blogging service your chose you need to choose a proper design and learn and create content for your blog. You do not have to worry about your blog design, because there are many blog themes you can choose from. If you use Blogger and Thumbler you have a set of predefined themes that you can slightly edit. WordPress gives you a choice of among hundreds of blog themes you can use free or for a small one-time fee. Before you select your theme, you can see a demo version and see if it suits your content and your specifications.

All blogging tools use special coding languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, etc. However, you do not need to have an in-depth knowledge about them, as the content management system facilitates the process making it accessible for everyone.

A specific feature of the blog posts is that the latest one appears on the first place or before the previous posts. This ensures that the readers will see the fresh content and updates you have added recently first, which will keep their interest. The older posts can be found in the archive list.

In order to be successful and to attract more and more readers, the blog has to be regularly updated with new original and fresh content. Blogs provide more options for communication with readers than websites provide, so they can be an excellent platform for building relationships with your readers.

Since no technical knowledge is required for blogging, millions of people write in their blogs every day, turning it into a hobby, or into an opportunity to make some money. You can also join this large group and experience the adventure of blog creation.

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