What is WordPress and why use it

What is WordPress and why use it

What Is WordPress?

Many people who are new to blogging or website building ask the question: What is WordPress and how it can help me?

WordPress is blogging software that helps people build and maintain blogs and sites. The main advantages of this software are that it is very user-friendly and can be used free of charge. In addition, WordPress is constantly updated and improved to offer more and more great capabilities that every blogger and web designer uses in their work.

Being a convenient content management system, WordPress is used for all kinds of blogs and websites. WordPress is used for blogs and websites like – http://metro.co.uk/, http://temple-news.com/, http://blog.us.playstation.com/, http://www.rollingstones.com/, etc.

Why use WordPress?

It is preferred due to the many benefits it offers to the users, some of which are provided below:

  • Perfect for any blog and website
    With WordPress you can easily build versatile designs. This free program allows you to do whatever you wish or need to with your blog or website. WordPress sites look so professional and no difference can be noticed between them and sites made with other expensive programs and tools. This simple software can make miracles for you.
  • Allows you to build blog or website fast
    WordPress will save your time as it is very easy to use and is highly customizable. This is an ideal option for people, who would like to start their own website fast. This free software will help you do this in less than a week, especially if some of your graphics and your company logo are ready.
  • Provides easy content management
    WordPress gives you a great opportunity to easily make any changes and updates to both your design and content when the site is ready. WordPress Dashboard provides you with a chance to add new articles, photos, and pages whenever you need and desire. Your new content can be instantly optimized with one of the Search Engine Optimization plugins. This all can be done on your own without the need of hiring a web designer for HTML page creation.
  • Google loves WordPress blogs and sites
    Another great benefit is that Google gives a priority to WordPress sites. Since Google gives a preference to regularly updated content, building a blog with WordPress really makes sense. It will help you easier optimize your blog or site compared to if you make use of other online programs. Just like Google loves blogs that are intended to be created effortlessly and the new information to be easily added at any time, the search engines will love your WordPress website as well, as it is built with the same intention.
  • Perfect tool for a blog to any corporate website
    It is easy to integrate a blog in your website with WordPress, so you could conveniently manage both of them from one place. WordPress is a convenient platform that allows all online businesses that need a blog the opportunity to easily build it right in. This is one of the great advantages for search engine ranking you would not like to miss.
  • Highly customizable
    Those who wish to customize their site can hire WordPress developers who can easily do that for a fee. Even if you opt for this option, you are going to save about 40 percents of the price that website development may cost you.

All others who do not like to pay for their WordPress blog or site creation can avail of numerous free plug-ins and themes and enjoy the results.

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